new year

6 Jan

Well, it’s the new year and might as well put this blog to some use.  I’ve had this blog for a while but never got around to using it, maybe this year will be different, maybe not, we shall see.

So, it has now become the blog of random acts of insanity..both human and pet alike.
I want to say we (my boyfriend and I) will be posting all things related to our lives (which are not really that random) but with four cats, one hedgehog, being foster parents and working and trying to make this apartment our home, sometimes it can seem that way.

Anyway, down to the good stuff; we’ll be posting all kinds of things, from pics of our animals, our foster cats, our DIY projects, my craft (knitting, crocheting, sewing, general) projects, and his never ending quest to have as many exotic animals as possible (one can dream right ), to his love of anthropomorphizing animal for his own needs, such as a helper raccoon.

So, here we leave you with an awesome Santa pic, that is just a little bit late; and I will work on getting this blog a little more personalized.

cornflake's santa pic


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