cardboard toys

10 Jan

I have a tendency to buy cat toys which I am certain my cats will play with and adore; it never works out that way. They always play with the packaging instead and every time I order something online, they play with the cardboard box and even make beds out of them.

After finally conceding to the fact that my cats are like all cats and that they love cardboard, I made them some toys to play with.
I was looking online for some DIY toys to make them and found quite a few good links for cardboard toys.

First off is the peek a price cardboard toy box, which i found a good tutorial for on My Daily Obsessions. As you can tell my kitty wanted to give me some pointers on how to cut out some circles..or maybe he just wanted to take a nap on his new toy. Next to the toy box is a string of toilet paper rings taped together that I put into the toy box after and watched them try to get it out. Other toys can be put in there also for some kitty fun time.

ash helping me out with his new toy

vertical view of peek a prize cardboard toy box

horizontal view of peek a prize cardboard toy box

horizontal view of peek a prize cardboard toy box

peek a prize in action

Next, I’ve been thinking of making this for the longest time. So, I finally did. There’s a tutorial on how to make cardboard scratcher over at Design Sponge, but honestly it’s super easy. You just need a lot of cardboard cut into same length strips, scissors and some tape and you can always decorate it however you want. You can paint it, glue some fabric or colored paper over the last strip, or just leave it bare like I have.

DIY cardboard scratcher

Lastly, I have not yet tried it out, but it’s on my list on cardboard toys to make next. It’s pdf printables available at Marmalade Pets; there’s a mouse, a ball, and jack cardboard toys.

I’ve also been meaning to give this idea of a scratcher a try.


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