new phone..yay!

16 Jan

Well, as of wednesday, the boyfriend and I finally got the much deserved and needed phone upgrade.

Introducing our new babies! the samsung focus,  it’s a wp7 phone. and I gotta say I do love it.
we were thinking of getting the iphone4, but after much research, visiting stores, and seeing them in action, we settled on the focus.
the screen is bright and vibrant (SAMOLED screen), it fits nicely in your hand, it’s thin and sleek and light, it’s pretty to look at, the UI is very user friendly, it has an uber nice camera, overall, very happy with this phone. the only cons i see right now is the copy paste function is lacking and it’s not possible to have custom ringtones, but that should all be fixed with the update to be release this month, tentatively.

To sweeten the deal, we got it while on special at costco and it came with free goodies and I’ve already ordered our cases and screen protectors. check out the link above for complete specs and these links from Engadget and CNET for a complete review. It’s a beaut.

samsung focus


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