halloween kitties

8 Oct

These Halloween Kitties were our last litter of the season. We got a black kitty, an orange buff tabby, and the cutest calico baby. Very sadly, the little calico baby did not make it. We were heartbroken, it was our first calico kitty that we’ve fostered and she didn’t make it. We tried all we could to save her. Sometimes no matter how hard you try to save them, some don’t make it. It never gets any easier when you lose a precious baby. It’s even more hear breaking for me since I was the last one to see her alive. Her two siblings were also going downhill when we called another foster to tube feed them, she did and they got better. I always think to myself what if I would’ve quicker to call her, would that little calico baby still be here? A lot of what ifs, but I try not to think of the what ifs, that won’t help our current fosters. Her name would’ve been Sally, after Sally from Nightmare before Christmas because she had the most beautiful patches all over.

Her sister, a black kitty, we named Blair and her brother, an orange buff tabby, Samhain. They were fighters and made it through and are now super happy kitties. I wish I had a picture of when we first got Blair, but I don’t, maybe the BF does and I’ll post it up later.

Blurry, but you can see Samhain cuddling in the back with his sister Sally

Samhain getting his bottle

This was a few days after we had gotten them back


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