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bones kitty

3 Nov

Bones also came to us through different circumstances. He just happened to walk into my office at work out of nowhere and the office manager and I were able to trap him. He then gave me a ride to the vet to get him vetted and tested for Panleukopenia and Feline Leukemia (tested negative!) and to determine if he was tamable or not. Upon examination, he was determined to be about 6-7 weeks old and underweight. He was only one pound when I trapped him and he also had a mild URI, so there was no way he was going back out. BF met me at the vet to see the little guy and agreed that we had to bring him home. After paying the bill, we went home and set him up with a nice comfy cage and gave him some meds for 10 days until his URI cleared up. Afterward he was able to interact with our our other semi feral, Burrito and a few other fosters since he had tested negative for any transmittable diseases. He is still a bit scared and shy, but we are working on that and hope he opens up in time. From one pound underweight baby, he’s now a chubby little fluff monster.

You can see in the first couple of pictures some crust on his eyes and nose. They had actually opened up a lot more here. When he had just come into the office, his eyes were almost closed shut with all the crust around his eyes. 😦 That’s probably why I was able to trap him so easily.

bones in a trap

this is bones right after I trapped him.

bones in trap

Here's a close up of Bones in the cage.

at the vet

Here he is out of the cage.