My boyfriend and I are part of Friend of San Martin Shelter (FOSMAS), a non-profit organization whose mission is to:

“Our primary goal is to lower the euthanasia rate at the shelter.
We can accomplish this goal by increasing adoptions,
expanding our volunteer program and providing information
and financial support for local spay and neuter programs.

We are glad to be a part of this wonderful organization and we will be updating this blog constantly to reflect calendar changes as well as information relating to fostering and our fosters, as well as our random musings.

Application Process:

Most of the kitties that come to FOSMAS  come in as pre-weans and sometimes are only hours and days old when they are put into foster homes. FOSMAS is dedicated to finding the right homes for each and every kitty. Once you see a kitty you are interested in, you are more than welcomed to make an inquiry and if the kitty is still available for adoption, an application should be filled out shortly thereafter (an application does not mean approval). After reviewing the application, a brief interview, and the adoption fee has been paid, the kitty is able to be taken to their forever home. It should be noted that all household members must be present during the adoption process in order to make sure that everyone is on board with the decision to adopt a kitty and likes the kitty (and the kitty likes them), also so to make sure there are no allergies present.  Please be aware that kitties will only be released when the application has been signed and initialed that the kitty will be an indoor only kitty, and will  not be de-clawed.

To view kitties we are currently fostering, please click here.
Visit us on PetFinder to view all of current kitties available for adoption.
Click here to view adoption information through FOSMAS.


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