cats, etc.

squeaker kitty

Our first rescue kitty that was ours two weeks before we had even moved in! She is painfully shy and only comes out when she knows you.You wouldn’t be able to tell since she is so shy, but she is in fact the queen bee in kitty hierarchy terms. She is super affectionate and loves chin and belly rubs from the people she loves and trusts.

ashy kitty


Our second rescue kitty that just loves attention and is so jealous of other kitties. He does not do well with our fosters. Cornflake and him still have not figured out who’s the more alpha kitty.

flakey kitty


Cornflake is our third and painfully curious kitty. He gets along the best with the fosters due to his awesome curiosity.

chimi kitty



Our lovingly vicious kitty. She sort of fell into our laps and became our fourth kitty. She is what we like to call Demon kitty. 



Bowser, the hedgehog
He’s not a cat. Pictures forthcoming

Robin, the snake.
Also, not a cat. Pictures forthcoming


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